Why alkaline water?

Are you drinking the best kind of water?

Drinking the right amount of the type of water can improve every function in the body, enhance athletic performance, and increase your energy level.

Alkaline water tastes great and provides advantages over tap water and leading brands of bottled water.

We are approximately 70% water, with our Brain consisting of around 90% water. These water levels need to be maintained for you to function at your best and feel well.

Many ailments that make us reach for medication can often be cured by simply drinking water. A drop of only 2% in our body’s water supply can trigger signs of dehydration which can include:

It’s widely believed that the water we now consume from commercial filtering machines and bottled water companies is “good" for us. However, often these methods of filtration “take the good out with the bad," leaving acidic/dead water. It has now been scientifically proven that the balance of health in our body is directly related to the pH levels of the water and blood circulating inside all of us. More simply put, a body that is acidic is a breeding ground for disease. 

But why drink alkaline water?

The effects of balancing pH in the body are numerous

Hydration and nutritional absorption at the cellular level are critical to our health